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DharmaPhone - Internet Telephony

Note to all users

  Our servers are moving! All users running DharmaPhone versions prior to 1.3 should reconfigure their directory servers. Learn here how to do it. Or download DharmaPhone 1.3 from our Download Page.


  Welcome to DharmaPhone Web Site. Here you will find all the information and latest versions of the DharmaPhone Internet Telephony software developed by DataVoice.

  If you are new to DharmaPhone, o you already use it and wish to know its working characteristics, compatibility, etc, please visit our General Information Page. If you are not certain if DharmaPhone will work on your machine, or you intend to integrate DharmaPhone with your web contents, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page: you will probably find out there most of what you need. Or, if you are really in trouble, or cannot find the answers you need, please, send a message to dharmaphone@datavoice.es - our Technical Hotline will help you.

  You can get the latest versions of DharmaPhone from our Download Page. And in our Internet Call-Center page you will discover what Dharma Internet Gateway offers: the way to connect your standard telephony devices directly to Internet.

  For ICQ users we have added a special section in our FAQ pages giving detailed instructions on how to use DharmaPhone with ICQ software. You will find any information in FAQ - Others, or directly from our ICQ Configuration Page.

  And for all those users wishing to integrate DharmaPhone with their web content, we have added a new page with all the information regarding to browsers-DharmaPhone integration.


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